A heartfelt nurse confronts her corrupt boss in an original procedural drama type scene.  

High Country

Short clip as Series Regular Shyla in High Country, a comedy TV series pilot directed by Heather Donahue with Two Goats Productions. 


Short sizzle reel of a Recurring Television role as Charlie's magical Fairy Godmother on Roku's Charlie.


Neurotic mom tries to multi- task in an original sitcom comedy scene.

The Short Goodbye

Scene from action film The Short Goodbye, in which Mrs. Henderson hires a private eye to tail her husband. Directed by Nate Hewitt with Madras Entertainment.

Down the rabbit hole

Short dramatic clip of police investigator Alice who discovers the location of her son's killer.  Directed by Mikkel Summers at the Los Angeles Film School.

Jack and Jill

Short comedic clip as millennial party princess Jill, a Series Regular role on original webseries Jack and Jill, still in production.